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Monday, May 29, 2006

Mary in Texas: Amateur Catholic

Email #1
I am humbly applying for the position of 'Amateur Catholic' because I want to. Here are my qualifications:

1. Created my very own personal blog spot just so I could post to someone else's.
2. Cannot now FIND my very own personal blog spot now.
3. First name is Mary, which qualifies me as a professional Catholic, but others don't agree
4. If I ever find my blog, I will let one of my 7 teenagers fill it with moronic drivel - surely that alone qualifies me.
5. Best qualification of all - we moved OUT of the Lincoln, Nebraska diocese and don't regret it!
6. I am a life long 'B' team kinda person - played on the 'B' team at my all-girls, Catholic high school.

My blogging place is supposed to be: I think. Does this qualify me?

Mary in Texas

NEW AND BEST QUALIFICATION: I initially posted this application at MY OWN blog spot by following a link from your's that said, 'Blog This.'
Reply to email:
Hi Mary,

I'm finally getting around to posting some applications. I tried going to your site, but the address must be wrong. You're off to an amateurish start - that's for sure... ;)

Email #2
Hi Rick -

Just because I posted my email to you on my very own personal (unidentified) blog spot should certainly qualify me for your Hall of Fame. Well, now I have actually located my blog place and am sending you the address to prove that I was not attempting to infiltrate your B-Team.

Do I count yet? -mary
Yes Mary, you're off to a rip-roarin' amateurish start. Though, it's almost unconscionable that you moved out of Lincoln and don't regret it. Maybe you should try out the Diocese of Orange so you'll really appreciate what you lost. ;) Welcome aboard!


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