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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Amateur Assistance Appreciated


I have been overwhelmed by an author's kindness. last year when i reviewed one of her books and wrote an Author profile of her we started emailing. She knows I have been off work for 18 months with a torn rotator cuff, and that has given me so much extra time for reading and writing. She recently asked how things were progressing. The surgeon last week gave me 4 more months off work, but that drastically reduces our income. I shared this with her and this is what she posted on her blog I am sitting here in awe and overwhelmed.

Bit of a bleg.

Peace and Strength!
Yours, learning to be
Steven R. McEvoy My Homepage My Complete Blog The Catholic and Christian Reviews
And what Steve didn't mention there is that he has recently been blessed with a new baby too. Awww, a little Habs fan. If there's anything you can do monetarily to help Steve out it will no doubt be appreciated. There's a paypal button on his blog. If nothing else, please remember him and his family in your prayers.


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