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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Don "Bull" Schuck: Amateur Catholic

OK, I think I fall in the “barely able to do my job” category. I’m a former Catholic YM (six years) who is now working as an RF engineer for VZW. As my boss says, we’re all Desktop Engineers, we move the mouse, we type, we move the mouse again. Same as all the other varieties of engineers across the nation. I’ve got six kids and a saintly wife. She’s still struggling with her Baptist roots and her reverence for the Eucharist. Oh, and I ride a bicycle a bunch, as do my kids. The oldest of them races his bicycle and I also shuttle around him and some others to races periodically. I don’t read enough books. I don’t stay up on my stuff enough online. I barely have time to read Mark Shea’s blog every day, much less all the other good stuff out there. My blog ends up mostly about family and cycling, although I do tend to work in stuff every now and then about God in it all. Like I said, I worked in a couple of TX parishes as the YM for a while and I was starting on a MA in Theology but had to drop out for a variety of reasons, so my theology tends to be a bit more empirical than theoretical. Something based in the moment. My blog also has almost no readership and I think I like it that way. You can see my blog at

If you think I’m worthy, great. If not, that’s fine too. “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing badly.” So if you feel I’m shoddy on my blog or dealing with stuff that’s too personal, you’re probably right. I just thought that the idea of guys pointing out that they were second string Catholic bloggers sounded too cool to pass up.

Blessings and such,


Don "Bull" Schuck


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