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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

La Dolce Divas: Amateur Catholic divas


Diva Anne and I would like to apply for membership on the Amateur Catholic B-Team for our website, La Dolce Divas, We are diva-lawyers who happen to be Catholic, or, if you prefer, diva-Catholics who happen to be lawyers. We don’t write books or do speaking tours, and frankly, we aren’t oh so impressed with many who do.

Our blog is not "about" Catholicsm, because then we would have to put up with the aforementioned people with whom we are not oh so impressed. It’s not about law, either, unless something really, really stupid happens that we feel we are ecclesiastically called to comment upon it. We mostly blog about fashion and wine and shoes, but sometimes we sneak in some serious stuff, like explanations about Lent, and recipes for meatless Lenten Fridays (with the correct wine selection, of course) and some occasional witty, scathing or possibly irreverent political commentary. We think the readers would rather we just stick to shoes, but we don’t care – it’s our blog, and as divas, we write about whatever we damn well please. But most importantly, we think the Amateur Catholic blog button will be a fabulous accessory for our sidebar (the colors coordinate beautifully!) and we will even put in a scrolling blogroll if you send us the code! A really nice guy from another website showed us how to do that - we don't "do" html, either.

We would be honored to join the company of other Catholics who actually have a clue about their importance in the big picture!

Thank you for your consideration.

Diva Leigh and Diva Anne
Nobody said that to be an Amateur Catholic blogger all your content has to be about the Church or Church related issues, so I'm not questioning you amateur Catholic credentials. However, I have to wonder about your legal judgment. It would seem to me that the picture you have posted of Cindy Sheehan being "escorted" is in violation of public decency laws. Yikes! And what's up with Susan Sarandon's physical aspects anyway? If they can make Charlize Theron look like Aileen Wournos, turning a skank like Sarandon into Sheehan is child's play. But I digress...

Welcome to the B-Team!


At 4/04/2006 7:16 PM, Blogger Leigh said...

You do have a point - we should have posted the "offensive content" caveat, like we did with the Easter bunny post. But hey, we're amateurs!

We will get our spiffy new accessories up . . . just as soon as Blogger maintenance lets us!


At 4/06/2006 10:19 AM, Blogger Carolina Cannonball said...

ooooh, a catholic diva blog. Fabulous!

Spiffy scrolling sidebars. If AC could do that with their blog roll thingy then I would could list all the fellow B teamers

At 4/06/2006 10:45 AM, Blogger Rick Lugari said...

Hey Carolina, I can make the blogroll available in scrolling mode too, the only thing is I think it may effect all your other blogrolls or require a little more html expertise to add others, etc.

I can't do anything with it right now, but I'll try to get something up tonight or tomorrow.


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