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Friday, March 31, 2006

Catholic Guy: Amateur Catholic

Hello fellow amateurs.

My wife has always wanted to own a Catholic gift shop. We have made a vocation of screwing up our personal finances so, challenged for capital, I staked out a place of the Internet for her in lieu of a brick and mortar location. It has all the benefits of a real Catholic gift shop without the hassle of customers and management. It is a wonderfully amateurish Catholic enterprise.

Once the site was up I found my egotistical proclivity for journaling beckoning me to add an amateur Catholic blog to my amateur Catholic gift shop. What a terrific self-indulgence! I can wax poetical and muse philosophical and place my observations in cyberspace where they can be ignored by millions. Since I am such an amateur at this I have done almost nothing to promote the blog because one of the dangers of promotion is that someone will actually read what I have written and then they might ask me a question which I will likely be incapable of answering.

So if you read anything on my blog don't tell me. And if you have any questions about anything that I have written, don't ask.

But even though there are inherent risks in making this request, I desperately want to be a part of the B-Team. I excel at mediocrity. If you look up "benchwarmer" in the dictionary, my picture won't be there because I didn't even make the team. My blog isn't amusing or informative because I'm not funny and I don't really know anything. But I have taken to keeping a current Catholic Catechism on my night table and I refer to it frequently as I try to reintroduce myself to a Catholic faith that I have sleep-walked through for most of my life.

Forgive me if I aspire to too high a height but since I have not discovered a C-Team, I must humbly request a spot on the B-Team.

I make this request with true Catholic guilt and humility.


A Catholic Guy
Hey Catholic Guy, it's good to have you. What an amateurish way to get plug. ;) Welcome aboard.


At 4/01/2006 2:30 PM, Blogger Catholic Guy said...

You know I thought about setting up a seperate blog but then I figured "what the heck." I already have the website and I really like WordPress so I'll just marry the two. Eventually, when "Catholic Guy" becomes a destination as Catholics everywhere seek out my wisdom and insights I'll break down and spring for a new domain.

I'll probably be waiting quite a while!

At 4/01/2006 2:39 PM, Blogger Catholic Guy said...


You left out the .com on my blog address. Now no one will be able to see how truly amateurish my blog (and my gift store)is/(are).

Story of my life.

At 4/04/2006 12:01 AM, Anonymous Peace said...

Hmm, I typed .com after your url and was still unable to get to your site.

Try posting it again. I'd like to check it out.

At 4/04/2006 7:12 AM, Blogger Rick Lugari said...

Heya Catholic Guy. Don't worry. They can see how amateurish you are merely by you calling me Ron. Not to mention that it wasn't I who left out the .com but you. Check the email you sent in. ;)

Nevertheless, I am an amateur too and failed to catch it, so mea culpa. You'd actually be surprised at how many urls I've had to fix before posting. I'd say we deserve to be called amateurs for sure.

Anyway, sorry for the delay in repairing it. I have no defense other than I'm a moron.


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