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Sunday, October 08, 2006

CaeliDS: Amateur Catholic


My name is ....., and my blog is The Catholic
Housewife, but nobody knows that. Seriously, my name
is not posted on the blog, and I intend to keep it
that way! But in an effort to be more widely known in
this excellent company, I am hungry for any
recognition that would lend some legitimacy to my

I can only qualify for Amateur Amateur status, I'm
afraid. What I present is the humble view from the
dust and diapers standpoint, with a little
common-sense apologetics thrown in (for the sake of
the few family & friends who might check it out). I've
got over six months' worth of posts up, but my busy
life with two little kids keeps me from posting all I
want. Also, my woeful knowledge of HTML is almost six
years out of date, so my site'll never be *fancy* like
so many I've seen better done.

AND YET I KEEP DOING IT. Is it pride? A disordered
sense of ambition? A holy hand grenade of bloggical
proportions? I leave you to decide...

a.k.a. The Catholic Housewife
I'm not sure what it is, CaeliDS, but I'm willing to bet it falls in the disordered category. You'll be right at home here. Welcome aboard!


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