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Monday, September 04, 2006

Tracy Woodland: Amateur Catholic

I love the B Team Amateur Catholic blogger concept! That’s me, though I tend to ramble about family life as much as the Catholic Faith, because aren’t the two supposed to be inter connected?! As a homeshooling mom and wife who supports her dh’s crazy schedule, I have no brain left to say anything of much intelligence at the end of the day. I read spiritual books, faith building book Saint books, the CCC, daily scripture and daily Mass and Rosary, etc. but I just absorb and don’t have the energy to regurgitate and apply it in a coherent matter all of the time! OH and being stationed in the South and being a convert of only 4 years has presented some amazing apologetics opportunities (now if I was just up to the mission)! Once I am done evangelizing the Baptists and fundamentalists down here MAYBE I’ll have energy again (LOL!) It’s nice to read thoughts of amateur Catholics, it gives me hope that someday, after the kids are gone and I have time to think again, I might actually have something real to say. Until then, it’s amateur all the way! And forget about the blog being a wowser, for me to even upload the pics is about as techno geek as I get!

So can I play? Can I be one of the B Team Bloggers?

Thanks for the chance to be almost cool! God Bless,

Yepp, you can play too, Tracy. Almost cool, huh? ;)


At 9/06/2006 12:51 AM, Blogger Tracy said...

Well thanks! I will PROUDLY display my B-Team Badge;-) Thanks for the listing and the funny site. Actually, i am humbeld to be listed amonst some of these really great blogs!

Tracy, proud to be an AC, can I put that after my name, AC? or maybe OLP (Ordinary Layperson)


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