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We don't write books or do speaking tours.
In fact, we barely do our jobs.
-We're the B-Team of Catholic Bloggers-

This is the home of the Amateur Catholic® bloggers - or as we like to refer to ourselves, the B-team. We don't write books or do speaking tours. In fact, we barely do our jobs. That's not to say we're unambitious though... You see, this coalition is just the second phase our blogoshpere conquest. We suppose you could think of us as amateur crusaders too.

Membership will not bring you any money, perks, notoriety, or prestige - but you will get the privilege of proudly displaying the B-team badge on your blog! Lucky you, huh?

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If you are hosting a conference, parish function, or some other event and can not afford the exorbitant fees typically associated with a Professional Catholic®, please contact one of our members. We like to hear ourselves talk just as much as the Professional Catholics® do, we just don't charge you for it. But hey give us a meal, free beer, and a designated driver, and we'll speak about breaking the Da Vinci Code or anything else you might care to hear about.

The B-Team badge is copryright 2006, The B-Team Bloggers®. Of course, we're Amateur Catholics®, so if you use the badge without permission (enrolled membership), we won't hunt you down and make you cough up your hard-earned bucks. Just have fun with it and maybe buy us a beer next time you're in town.

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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

On Hiatus

Amateur Catholic is on hiatus, with the demise of BlogRolling and lack of time to investigate an alternative we are down for the time being.

Steven on behalf of your amateur hosts.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Cathorick - mateur Catholic

This Cathorick blog is a pleasure
To read in all types of the weather.
It takes just a minute
To come and begin it.
So click on the link for some treasure.


Better To Light One Candle - Amatuer Catholic

Dear Rick and any other Amateur Catholics,

Tonight, I will be blessed to see firsthand the good works of the Catholic Church in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan.

I will be visiting families living in refugee camps, dozens of beautiful churches and even an olive press business founded in a poor farming community with the help of Catholic Near East Welfare Association (CNEWA), the organization I work for.

Would you like to come with me?

Then please subscribe to my blog (, friend me on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter (@GabeDelmonaco). Please also provide your users with my information—I want to spread the story of the Church’s good works with as many as I can!

I really enjoy writing about the striking differences between the places where CNEWA works and the U.S. —and just as importantly, learn what we have in common.

I blogged about my recent trip to India, too. Take a look!

Yours in Christ,


Erik A. Mojica - Amateur Catholic

If I request membership and you all accept, can I borrow some cash?

Seriously though, what are the requirements, other than broke and aspiring, and are their any commitments?

Here's my (main) blog:

Erik A. Mojica

Pod Catholic - Amateur Catholic

Hey there!

I am very happy to let you know that our very first podcast at is live!

Do check out the site & listen to the podcast - either on the site or by saving on your computer for later / your iPods etc.

Your suggestions to improve are welcome, your prayers for this our new ministry are appreciated.

May God bless you abundantly,

Melody Laila

Sent To Be - Amateur Catholic

I am new to the Catholic Church and to blogging, but I am giving it my all! My blog is I write from the perspective of a Mom, former protestant pastor, theologian's spouse, but mostly my love for the church.

Sandy Marshall

Convert Journal - Amateur Catholic

Convert Journal: Amateur Catholic

Technically speaking, I am an Amateur Almost-Catholic blogger. I am a candidate still in RCIA but, as of today, have 2 more weeks until I am received.

I love the concept for the B-Team and it certainly describes me (other than the arguably Catholic part).

Please sign me up, issue my membership card, disclose the secret handshake, and add me to your distinguished B-Team member roll!

My website is:


Joyful Papist - Amateur Catholic

I'm a new blogger - sucked into first reading then writing about things
Catholic on my blogsite.

It's an eclectic mix of whatever topics catch my attention; at the moment,
I'm rather rashly posting a series of short pieces exploring 'the State of
the Church in the West'. Kind of grandiose for an amateur, I know, but I
'm hoping for heaps of help from other amateurs. :-)

Definitely an amateur Catholic - I make my living from research, writing
and editing. But a passionate one, and full up to the top with opinions,
some of which may even be right.

Please, please can I be a B-teamer.



St. Monica's Tears - Amateur Catholic


I would like membership in the blog... I truly am an amateur, I just began fooling around with this stuff and I can barely write.

I already have the badge and blogroll on my site, I figured I am so amateurish there was no way I would be denied membership LOL.

Anyway what I really want to know is how do I get the blogroll with the scrolling bar?

My blog is St. Monica's Tears, the description follows.

This blog has two purposes. The first is to share my journey of continuing conversion toward the peace and joy that is found in knowing, loving and serving the Truth which is Christ Jesus and subsists fully within His Catholic Church. The second is to share the pain, sorrow and tears for my sons who have fallen away from the true faith of Jesus Christ and to encourage and support others who carry this same heavy cross.

Have a joyous Advent and God bless,

Live Catholic - Amateur Catholic

Dear Amateur Catholic,
Wow, you have some heavy hitters there on the B-team! I request to be allowed to play in the outfield. My blog is I'm on a mission to help other Catholics, or those interested in Catholicism, discover the resources that will help them learn what the Faith really teaches, and how to deepen it, so they can find union with God. Thanks so much!

Marcy K.

Defend Us In Battle - Amateur Catholic

I am definitely a teur!
Wait what?
It's one word? Ok... good, because I had no idea what a teur was, but didn't want anyone to make fun of me for not knowing!

But really... I am an amateur. I went to a Catholic law school where I knew all 300 students names, and yet I get about 15 blog hits a day. Sometimes my wife doesn't even read my blog. So I definitely think that makes me an amateur. On top of that, I really like the colors of the logo, and think they would look nice on my site.

I hope these things qualify me for joining the ranks of your illustrious group


10 Common Misunderstandings of the Catholic Church EXPLAINED!

I know this email is out of the blue, but I just posted an article on my blog entitled “10 Common Misunderstandings of the Catholic Church EXPLAINED!” Anyway I figured I’d bring it to your attention in case you thought it interesting enough to drop a quick mention on your site about it as I’m trying to increase readership of my blog.
Either way, sorry for the unsolicited email and hope you have a good week.

Anna Miller

(Thanks for submitting Anna.)

Lisa DiCesaris - Amateur Catholic


I am interested in joining your blog roll, if you are accepting new members. I have been blogging since August and am a member of Catholic Mothers Online. You can visit my blog at the address below. I hope you will except me as a member.

God Bless

Lisa DiCesaris

Aaron - Amateur Catholic

Most esteemed Amateurs, I humbly request your recognition as an official member of the B Team.

If I may be so bold, I would like to apply as a Professional Amateur. I know my pride seems to walk before me in making such a request, but I do so because I was, for a time, a professional Catholic. For seven years, I studied for the priesthood and was a member of a religious order. And so, while I was not paid well (temporally speaking), I made large investments in my Professional Amateur Catholic future.

Now, I've lowered myself to pursuing a degree in law, but with a sense of humor as much of a Catholic sensibility as I can. I'm also a husband and father of three, though we lost two of them too soon. I started a blog during Lent this past year and revamped it this fall. The blog is Now moved to Stop by and look around. I write about a variety of things, but mainly about seeing things through a Catholic lens. It's a nice respite for me from the drudgery of law books. I hope it provides the same refreshment for you.

In Him,

Stranger in A Strange Land - Amateur Catholic

We began blogging last December. We take no money from anyone and are happy to be subservient as instructed by Our Lord, So with the utmost of humility, we (The Stranger & I) seek, no beg, or rather plead for membership in your most prestigious organization. Stranger in A Strange Land.

David Marciniak - Amateur Catholic

I am not a fan of predestination, being Catholic and all, but oh man, this whole letter B thing has got me feeling like a player in a vast right-wing conspiracy. I was Born a Baby Boy in Buffalo, Baptized at Blessed Sacrament, was a Boy scout, a B student, love the Bills and hate the Bengals, love B movies, Beethoven and the Blues Brothers, my favorite colors are Blue, Brown and Beige, am a wee Bit Big in the Belly, and I love Blogging. Can I Be on your team? Not to Be a Big Baby and bring in a Brouhaha, But don't Be Brutish - I want in!

Seriously, I would love to be on the B Team - let me know!
God bless you and your ministry,

David Marciniak

Monday, August 24, 2009

Catholic Dad's - Amateur catholic

Hi Amateur hosts.

I am looking to add the Catholic Dads site.

We are at:

A lot of the Catholic Dads members (including yours truly) are Catholic B-Team members. Heck, half of the amateur hosts are Catholic Dads members (which reminds me – don’t forget to update your links to the new site). Thus I argue that Catholic Dads has a preponderance of amateurity (which is not an “official” word, but should be). I humbly ask that the Catholic Dads site be added to the Amateur Catholic list and that we be allowed to proudly display our Catholic B-Team badge on our site.


Rob Kaiser

Friday, August 07, 2009

Catholics View

I'm addicted to my faith and addicted to blogging. So far I'm explaining some aspects of our faith and how it personally affects me. I don't put anyone down in my blog, and I don't put up with any put downs on Catholics either. Please add me, I'm definately ametuer material. Did I spell that right? BTW I didn't get no college degree.

Welcome Aboard.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Brian Murphy - Amateur Catholic

Hello Amateur Catholic !

My name is Brian - I am Roman Catholic - Husband, Father, candidate for the Permanent Diaconate.
I am a new blogger, created the blog in April. I have created blogs before, but old template, and not very good.. My blog is named "A Book of Everything." It is a Catholic blog where everything can go. Things of family, life, music, politics, and some ranting. But most especially, things of God! It is my "little way" of evangelizing. I would like to become a member - when given permission, I will paste your widget to my blog.

God bless !

Brian Murphy

Monday, June 22, 2009

Tim Burke - Amateur Catholic

I am definitely a B-Team Catholic. Although technically I'm a paid youth minister, the size of my salary certainly doesn't qualify me to be a professional. I guess I would be considered a Professional Amateur, sort of like Single-A Baseball. I would love to be considered for membership to your site. The name of my blog is "Salvation Is An Adventure" and the site address is

Thank you and God bless,

Tim Burke