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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Matt: Amateur Catholic

What makes me a B-Teamer?

I can't keep up with the Professional Catholics! Having given up my identity as amateur apologist "Fulltruth" about 2 years ago, I started CatholicSphere, devoting (well ok, not that devoted) myself to blogging on truth, justice and the American way! As "Fulltruth", I paid apt attention to some of the "Big Dogs" such as Carl Olson, and others who have some of the more well-known apologetics sites, on CIN's apologetics e-list ... feeling so cool to have been on the invite list with these guys.

But, only some who ran in the Catholic circles at Delphi Forums probably had heard of me.

That alone has gotta qualify me for the B-Team, right? I mean, a name-dropping no-name?

Well, if not ... how about these qualifications?

I've got opinions ... lots of them.

I watch TV.

I listen to rock music.

I have run with scissors, left the lights on when I leave a room, and let the refrigerator hang wide open while I tried to figure out if there was anything in there I even wanted.

So, am I in?

-- Matt

Hey Matt, you were officially in the moment I read, "I can't...". That's the B-Team spirit! But the deal was cemented with the running with scissors comment. Surely a professional wouldn't be caught dead doing that. Welcome!


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