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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Nick P: Amateur Catholic

My name is Nick and I have a problem:

I am an amateur Catholic blogger.

I have been blogging for about a year now. About the same time as I have been really into my faith. Like many around these parts I have learned more about my faith in the last 18 months than I did in the whole 8 years I went ot Catholic school.

My old blog is at and my new blog is at and I'll probably switch back because I have ADD when it comes to computers. I try and post every couple of days or so, but I enjoy reading blogs more than posting my own thoughts which is why I think I'd be agreat B-teamer. When I post, it's usually on things Ive read or the latest from the pro-life movement or what I get out of the days readings.

What I'd like to see from the B team is a community of B playas discussing encyclicals, fathers of the Church, scripture, as well as current events and sports. I rarely see any mention of sports on Catholic blogs. I wonder why that is...

What I can't stand are people who declare themselves as such and such kind of a Catholic. Your either Catholic or your not! I guess that would make me a Traditional Catholic ;)

On a more serious and personal note, I'm a pharmacist, recently married and expecting our first baby soon. What I'd really like is to open my own pharmacy someday and not sell BCs or the morning after pill. If anyone knows of any pharmacies out there like that let me know.
Hey Nick. Happy to see you're a genuine B-Teamer: Having fun going nowhere, yet refusing to check your faith at the door. Sounds like you have the prescription for moral pharmacology. Welcome to the B-Team.


At 3/09/2006 12:15 PM, Blogger Christine said...

I second the motion for sports discussions. Maybe it can be a weekly ESPN's "Not Top Ten" every Saturday (or is that Sunday) morning.

At 3/09/2006 8:13 PM, Blogger LYL said...

It's funny you should mention sport, since I have just now put up a post about a Catholic Mum from Tasmania (Australia) who has won the 3000m steeplechase in the lead up to the Commonwealth Games.


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