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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Wretched Amateur Catholics

My name "around the blog world" is earthie. It's short for Sr. Earth... I'm so amateur I have a nickname for my nickname. I'm the "mother" of a group of 20-30ish women called the Little Wretches of St. Joseph and we have a little blog at
We're a bunch of wretched Catholic women, who basically try and help each other to be less wretched.
While there are 16 of us who are supposedly "contributors" on the blog, there are really only 2 or 3 who post- the rest are so amateur they don't even really "get" how the posting thing works.
When we get together in person, half of us don't show up because they're wretched.
No one would ever pay us for our opinions, because we are so wretched. We tell people that they are wretched all the time, and it is not a compliment most people desire. If we were on a speaking tour, we would pick out the person who comes in really late to the talk, or leaves early, and announce to the whole room, "I like this guy! He's wretched! Did you all see that? He just walked in late, like he didn't care we had already started talking! Come up here!" and run over and give the guy a hug. Because usually we ARE that guy... er, girl...woman... Yeah, we don't like "inclusive language"; We fall asleep in prayer; We forget to say our rosary; We write applications to be amateur Catholics instead of studying for comps.
One of us has already joined the ranks of Amateur Catholics with her own blog (Amy Lemoine with the greatest title ever- refusal to grasp!). The wretches as a whole are so amateur that we didn't even hear about it until now.
Please please let us join the B-team! We don't want to drag down your reputation, though...
p.s. I'm so wretched I'm not sure where this quote comes from:
Hi earthie, so does this mean you folks are the wretched wenches? Just wonderin'...

Anyway, you won't find yourself in any more wretched company than the B-Team. It is our hallmark after all. We could apply the following byline as well:

We're not perfect, nor very good. In fact...we barely stay in a state of grace.

Welcome aboard, you kids sound like a fun-loving group of wretched wenches and we're happy to be in your company.


At 4/21/2006 9:45 AM, Blogger + Light + said...

We're definitely wretched, as Sr. Earth previously described; and perhaps wenches as you suggest, in the sense of being maidens, young women, and even servant women, that is, women who serve others in the Name of Christ - um, but certainly we're not wenches in the sense of being wanton, immoral, or otherwise lascivious. Of course I know you implied the former definition...
Just elucidating -
Sr. Light


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