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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Claude Muncey: Amateur Catholic

I'm happy to apply to vault all the way to the second string of Catholic bloggers, having spent several years further down in the food chain, to mix metaphors. Which is almost as fun as mixing a drink . . .

While I have been blogging on and off since 2001 (with lots of off the first couple of years) I have managed to avoid any awards, and with due care should be able to avoid such awards for the forseeable future. I did manage to accumulate some google juice, as well as vertebrate status from TTLB, on my former blog, One Pilgrim's Walk. However, that blog was hosted on, and their decision to stop free hosting (I'm not only amateur, I'm cheap) stimulated a move. I now blog at Semina Verbi, with no Google rating at all, which makes me even more amateur. I tend to concentrate on ministry in our current culture, links to the strange, interesting quotes, and my continuing struggles with trying to get my blogger template to pass the W3C HTML validator. (At the current rate, that alone could take years.)

Completing my status as an amateur Catholic (professional or amateur, your pick) is that currently the cash flow associated with my Catholicism is strictly one way, from me to the Church and various bookstores. It is true that my wife and I have applied to start the discernment process for the diaconate, but that is years off, and they don't tend to pay deacons, either. I'll have to keep programming, I guess.

Claude Muncey
All my money flows to the Church and bookstores too. Brother! Welcome to our ranks!


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