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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Amateur Catholic blogging

The above sign was generated at Church Sign Generator which was brought to my attention by fellow Amateur Catholic, MrsDarwin - and I do mean Amateur! Unfortunately MrsDarwin hotlinked to the image she generated rather than uploading it to Blogger or another server. Apparently people who offer a free service for our entertainment draw the line at buying bandwidth to host our images...go figure! Anyway, if you stopped by the Darwin blog this afternoon you would have gotten a chuckle over the lesson MrsDarwin learned. The host of the Church Sign Generator site replaced MrsD's image with one that said something like, "Hotlinking makes Baby Jesus cry".

Poor MrsDarwin, she's not the first Amateur to get a scolding, for sure. Being the sensitive and charitable guy that I am, I sent MrsDarwin the B-Team's latest publication free of charge - The 2006 edition of Amateur Catholic Blogging for Dummies.

Since I am confident that MrsDarwin will master the subject handily, I have already booked her a speaking engagement for next Friday at Our Lady of Martyrs in fashionable Chillicothe, Ohio.

Break a leg, MrsDarwin!


At 4/22/2006 11:56 PM, Blogger Julie D. said...

So sorry I missed it! :-D

At 4/23/2006 1:03 AM, Blogger MrsDarwin said...

You're a punk.

As a matter of fact, I fixed it all by myself, so ha ha. And I used html to make the italics in the previous sentence.

But I'm so amateur I'm not even going to show up for my speaking engagement. Instead, I'm going to put an announcement in the bulletin telling everyone to check out my blog, DarwinCatholic. (Note that nifty html again? I'm not stupid, Rick!) That's how amateur I am.

And I hereby revoke my saying that I would never call you an old goat again. Pbbbt.

At 4/23/2006 1:19 AM, Blogger Rick Lugari said...

LOL. You silly girl. Did I say you were stupid? I think not. In fact, I expressed my confidence in your ability to master the subject in less than a week. If they had a book cover generator for Amateur Catholic Blogging for Really Smart People, I would have used it. :)

Oh, and obviously you can do nifty HTML... after all, you used it to hotlink the image in the first place. :)

Anyway, I always knew that the "old goat" abstinence wouldn't last. It was only a matter of time before I got your goat.

At 4/23/2006 1:25 AM, Blogger MrsDarwin said...

It was only a matter of time before I got your goat.


At 4/23/2006 12:09 PM, Blogger Usceae said...

An identical post appears on Mrs. Darwin's site.

Aah, thank you! An education. I think I'm going to have to claim greater 'amateurishness' than Mrs. Darwin - in my joy at seeing the 'Our Lady of Martyrs' sign up, I nearly sent MrsDarwin a congratulatory note on her speaking engagement. I had no idea that there were such things as 'Church Sign Generators' - i.e. I thought it was real...

Rick, if your book is on Amazon, I'll clearly have to buy it (it won't be in my local bookstore) - unless, of course, this too does not exist in the physical world.

I am now going to post an identical comment on Rick's site, since, I don't know any better way to connect this post to his site (what do you expect from an amateur).

Pax Christi,


At 4/24/2006 11:55 PM, Blogger The Ironic Catholic said...

hee hee hee
Thanks for the laugh!

At 4/25/2006 12:53 PM, Blogger Laura H. said...

*falls out of her chair laughing*

love it!

At 4/25/2006 2:06 PM, Blogger David L Alexander said...

Chillicothe. Ohio's original capital city. South of Columbus. I coulda handled that gig on the way home visiting family. Then again, I may not have Mrs D's expertise on hotlinking immoral images.

At 4/26/2006 12:17 AM, Blogger MrsDarwin said...

No, no, it was the immorality of hotlinking itself that was the subject, and not the subject matter.

If you want to talk about immoral images, you can discuss that with Rick or Jay, who've taken their share of flak for trying to showcase the inner dignity of various females. They've made a brave stand, but a prophet is never recognized in his hometown, you know...

David, I confess I've never been to Chillicothe, but I did once get a speeding ticket on I-71 just outside of Washington Courthouse while heading to Columbus (on the way to Steubenville).

At 4/28/2006 1:17 AM, Blogger laurathecrazymama said...

Where can I get a copy of "Blogrolling for Dummies"? No, seriously, where?

At 4/28/2006 7:11 PM, Blogger Rick Lugari said...


Just send lots and lots of money to me and I'll write one.

Oh wait... Then I wouldn't be able to be a B-Teamer.


At 4/28/2006 7:37 PM, Blogger David B. said...

Hey I grew up minutes away from Chillicothe, Ohio, and still live close. How in the world did you choose Chillicothe Ohio for the location???

At 4/28/2006 8:40 PM, Blogger Rick Lugari said...

Gee David, now I feel bad.

I was just trying to think of some backwater or out-of-the-way place that might be recognizable by a majority of people (a silly sounding name is always a plus too). Chillicothe was the first suitable place that came to mind, in addition, if I'm not mistaken, MrsD is from Columbus or Cinci, which means she would at least be aware of Chillicothe.

I've never been there, so my characterization could be wrong, but a friend of mine lived there for a time back in the mid 1980's and complained about it constantly. Given that he is from Monroe, MI (which is a disappointing place in itself), his characterization left quite an imprint on my mind.

So thanks for asking about it. Now I can look forward to an irate mob of Chillicotheons driving up here to kick my butt...just as soon as they can get some wheels on that truck in their front yard.


At 4/28/2006 9:37 PM, Blogger MrsDarwin said...

I'm from CINCINNATI, which is right across the river from Kentucky, where people say "warsh" for "wash" and "torlet" for "toilet". "I'm going to warsh my torlet". And no, I don't have that accent, for the record.

David B. can feel quite free to correct me, but I'd always heard of Chillicothe as being a bit of a backwater. But you know what? I'd be happy to give a talk in Chillicothe so long as Rick will cover my plane fare. I'm an amateur, remember, and that means I don't have any money of my own. And he can babysit my kids, because I don't have a nanny.

At 4/28/2006 10:35 PM, Blogger Rick Lugari said...

Don't forget, MrsD...I'm an amateur too. So, it's not like I have any money either, but I will split a beer with you. Of course, that might break me in Chillicothe because I heard they only sell it in 40's. ;)

At 4/28/2006 10:43 PM, Blogger David B. said...

Well Chillicothe is not exactly a center of culture, but I would say it has more culture than most of the surrounding towns like Washington Court House and Circleville. But you won't hear any objections from me about the lack of culture here. I was just amazed that of all the random cities you could mention you mentioned Chillicothe!

At 4/30/2006 10:44 AM, Anonymous 13 Kilograms said...

Ohhh I love the "FOR DUMMIES" bookcover you made on , funner than the church sign maker I think.

At 5/03/2006 9:30 AM, Blogger Danny Garland Jr. said...

How did you get the signs to show on your blog? I could only get a link from the sign generator.

Once again, I prove my amateurism!

At 5/03/2006 1:54 PM, Blogger Rick Lugari said...


Once you generate it, you have to download (save) the image to your computer. Then you need to upload it to Blogger or your own webspace (or another free hosting service like photobucket) and then use that url for your image display.

If that's not clear enough, save the image to your computer, then write me telling me what precisely you want to do with the image (put it in a post or on the sidebar, etc.).

At 5/03/2006 4:37 PM, Blogger Danny Garland Jr. said...

My problem is that I when I right click it to save it to my computer, it doesn't give me that option. It says Zoom in, Zoom, out, show all, etc. Not the normal options that allow for saving it to my computer.

At 5/03/2006 4:47 PM, Blogger Danny Garland Jr. said...

I think I have figured out my problem. I went to custome sign generator instead of church sign generator and I was trying to save one of the flash signs which is impossible. It's ashame too, because you can change the sign on Wrigley Field with that one....oh well.

At 5/13/2006 9:33 AM, Blogger Audrey said...

LOL. :) I had a really good laugh.

At 5/20/2006 1:34 PM, Anonymous Catholic Comics said...

Ahh, I love the DUmmies bookcover, everyone can make your own on


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