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Sunday, May 07, 2006

John Bowden: Amateur Catholic

I see, after browsing the sight, that most of the really good amateur spots are already taken. I'm such a classless amateur it took me three trips to get here (darn web, it's so tangled and gnarly) so that's why I'm so late.

Why do I believe I deserve Amateur status? Hard to say really. I don't work hard, I don't play hard, I don't pray hard (ok, sorta don't - daily Rosary and once a week Adoration aren't hard). I don't even blog hard-ly . . . in fact I spend most of my time fooling around for hours just to get some small improvement working correctly on my blog - or worse - recovering from some small improvement!

Indeed, I'm such an amateur that cheating to get readers isn't beyond me. Unfortunately I must also be an amateur cheater 'cause I'm not getting any more readers than I had before I cheated! What's my cheat you say? Well, I took over sponoring Gerard's old "Catholic Bloggers" list - we're (Eric "Funky Dung" Williams and Kathryn "Come on Get" Lively) calling it St. Blog's Parish Directory. Heck, I thought I'd get folks flocking to my site. Nope, same 'ol story - Mr. "Enjoying Being Catholic" is taking all the hits and clicks. Sigh.

So, that's my excuse for being an amateur - I'm just too lazy to be anything else.

Phew! That was like going to confession - sweaty palms, palpitations of the heart, dizziness. What's my penance for being such an amateur?

How do you like that? John included a link to an A-Teamer, but didn't include his own. Oh, wait...There's another message from him:
Sheesh - I'm SUCH an amateur - I forgot to include my blog's url

Thanks, JB
Ahh, that's better. Sometimes I wonder if you folks are purposely trying to look amateurish just to curry favor or something. Fortunately for you, I'm not very sophisticated, so it works well.

John, we appreciate your service to St. Blogs and are very pleased to have you among us. Your penance for being such an amateur is that you will be placed on the B-Team blogroll, which is akin to wearing the scarlet A - or would that be scarlet B - or just a plain old blue B? Whatever...welcome to the B-Team!


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