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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Carolina Cannoball: Amateur Catholic

I have only been blogging for 5 months now and have only been Catholic for a year… can you get anymore wet behind the ears?

And as far as getting my work done… my boss inadvertently pays me for blogging and he doesn’t even know it. As long as he can hear my keyboard tapping away he is satisfied I am hard at work. Horrible, I know.

I couldn’t get some one to honestly pay me for my opinion, I have tried, so I decided to just give it away freely. I don’t get paid for public speaking either, so again, I offer that among my many free services. You basically can’t get away from me.

I started blogging because my family is a bunch of raging anti-Catholics and were horrified at my conversion. I wanted to shed some light on the Church for them… I got a little carried away. My mom is worried for my sanity.

I gave up the sarcasm and outrage on my blog for Lent, so it is tame right now… and it slowly killing me to “refrain”.(see here) My head wants to explode to post about the fodder from the Academy awards… among other things.(see here)

It would be an honor to be recognized as an amateur Catholic. I am proud to say “Hey, I don’t know too much. I am not too smart, but I try real hard!”

~Carolina Cannonball of The Crescat
Hey - how do you like that? Blogging for only 5 months and she's already linking to herself like a pro. Good job, Carolina, and welcome. I will note here too, that I can't say I'm not a little disappointed to find more than one blogroll who doesn't have De Civitate Dei on it. Oh, the agony of it all...


At 3/07/2006 11:40 AM, Blogger Carolina Cannonball said...

I would like to thank the Academy for this honor & the prestigious badge of average-dom. And I am "proud to be out of touch!"

"proud to be out of touch" copyright George Clooney's acceptance speech. *barf*

BTW... wonderful blog!

At 3/07/2006 12:09 PM, Blogger Jay Anderson said...

Apparently, Rick has no shame in begging for links to a defunct blog.

At 3/07/2006 12:18 PM, Blogger Rick Lugari said...

Hah! Thanks Carolina, but you need not're already in. :)

Begging, Jay? Just noting...

At 3/07/2006 1:19 PM, Blogger Carolina Cannonball said...

Kissing up, Rick? Just noting...


At 3/07/2006 1:40 PM, Blogger Rick Lugari said...

Good girl. I like the way you think...

At 3/08/2006 12:26 AM, Blogger LYL said...

Blogroll? I'm so amateur and so technically illiterate, I don't even know how to create a blogroll.

Beat that!

At 3/08/2006 12:22 PM, Blogger Argent said...

Any chance that Papa might update his Musum? I know he's on retreat and all. But I really want to know why he's called His Fluffiness. Rocco says it's cause of his white hair.

At 3/08/2006 3:08 PM, Blogger Rick Lugari said...

I don't know whether Papa will return to blogging and I don't know anything about any "His Fluffiness" thing. I don't read Rocco.


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