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Monday, March 06, 2006

Dad29: Amateur Catholic

A mellifluous Hello!

Dad29 here.

For over 30 years, people actually paid me to glower, scream, jiggle, dance, and inflict upon them various levels of scorn and derision, not to mention horrible puns, as a choir director in Catholic churches. I relieved the monotonous agony of their existence by being nice, once a month or so. Kept them in their place.

I quit the business, having run out of creative ways to inspire singers with a combination of tough love and throwing things. Now I sit in a choir, singing baritone, tenor, or alto (yes, I can!!! and on pitch) as it strikes my fancy, making the life of our Ph.D. choir director uneasy. Much more fun.

Besides, it’s more fun to be a curmudgeon on the ‘net, screaming epithets at politicians, lawyers, accountants, some priests, and all the rest of the pointy-headed Intellectualoids who infest this Earth as a living preview of either Purgatory or Hell…(haven’t figured that out yet…) so blogging is now the ticket. That’s it---blogging!

Yes, that moniker means I have 9 children (10, actually, one already a certified RC saint.) 9 remain present, threatening the environment.

As to Catholicism: nearby is the Code, Hardon’s Dictionary and his Catechism, Baker’s Catechism, the CCC, and several DOZEN shelf-feet of music and musical tomes, principally Roman Catholic of the orthodox persuasion (B-16, Shuler, etc.)

Not to mention A Tour of the Summa and three Latin textbooks. (Henle, SJ) Too bad I’ve forgotten how to use the damned Latin books. Same-o for the two Russian textbooks. Sold the Greek textbook about the time B. Harrison became President.

Also nearby is a fine collection of serviceable rifles and pistols, plus a light-duty .410 shotgun. Keeps the Prots and Weenie- RC’s thinking when they are mentioned in casual conversation. The pellet gun is upstairs, nearer the chipmunks and long-tailed rodents.

Never been nominated for any blogging awards, don’t want to be. Better sniping if no one knows your name,
Hey there, Dad29. Like Job, the thing you fear most might come upon you. Next year there will most likely be even more Amateur Catholics nominated for awards. Welcome.


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