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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Darwins: Amateur Catholics

Darwin: Oh look, Dear. Rick has another one of his crazy ideas. And
this one doesn't involve women showing their inner beauty.
MrsDarwin: Oh?
BabyDarwin: [grunt]
Darwin: Rick and JulieD and that crew are kicking off a Catholic B-Team
club for all of us little bloggers who haven't written ten books available
at a Borders near you, explaining the truth of the real presence, the
Virgin Mary, rice pudding and the falsity of the Da Vinci Code.
MrsDarwin: Oh.
BabyDarwin: [yawn]

Darwin: It would be kind of cool if we were too big and famous to be invited.
MrsDarwin: But you're not. And I don't have much time to write.
Darwin: Maybe it's the name. DarwinCatholic just sounds threatening to
some people. Maybe we could move up to Marsupial if we picked something
that didn't sound... You know, non-Catholic.
MrsDarwin: Such as?
Darwin: That's where I got stuck... ElitistCatholic. CatholicTyrant.
SnobbyCatholic. LetsKillThemAllAndLetGodDecideCrusaderCatholic. None of
them sound warm and friendly.
MrsDarwin: Now you're just being silly.

Darwin: I suppose it's as good a name as any. The most descriptive thing
would be "long posts about whatever happens to be fascinating to the
author at the moment, many of them having to do with Catholicism, science,
philosophy or having babies", but that doesn't make a very good title.
MrsDarwin: I'm always having these ideas for long thoughtful posts, but
then when I sit down and type someone eats a whole package of prunes and
spills brown sugar on the carpet. Or else I end up writing "and that's
another cute thing the kids did".
BabyDarwin: [fills diaper. smiles seraphically.]

MrsDarwin: Your turn?
Darwin: Going...
Well, Darwin, not much hope for evolving into a Marauding Marsupial if you don't learn the fine art of self-promotion. "Hi, my name is DarwinCatholic and you can check out my cool blog at Did I happen to mention that we just had a baby? Why don't you stop by and congratulate my lovely bride, then sit back for an hour or two reading one of my in depth, interesting and insightful posts. Women in pants are always welcome at DarwinCatholic."

For the record, don't go blaming me for this thing. It's all Tom's fault. He's the guy clever enough to articulate what we all understood but hadn't formulated it into such concise words. Maureen came up with the tag line, which she just threw out as a "something like...", but it was perfect as she had written it. From there we all proceeded to put this thing together, and speaking for myself, I think the response we're getting is great. Who would have ever thought people would be disowning the positive contributions they have made to Catholic society (writing an article for a diocesn newspaper, etc.) in order to be part of, well, the B group of kids. I find it quite ironic. ;)

Anyway, my evolving friends, welcome to the B-Team.
*I took the liberty of incorporating color for ease of reading.


At 3/07/2006 7:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bless you. A blog for the Rest of Us. My long thoughtful blog-Comments which I am always composing and which always leave my head as soon as the fingers touch the keys -- where do these profundities go? Into the mind of God, halleluia. He knows how delightful it would be for all of us to have Time and Space and no sugar on the carpet and no garbage cans filled with very used Pampers, and a quiet space and a shelf of books and a mind which can express itself clearly and kindly to other clear and kindly minds. He knows!

At 3/07/2006 11:26 AM, Blogger MrsDarwin said...

Ah, thank you -- you're so kind! And as an example of my profound drainage of profundity, I've been sitting here for two or three minutes trying to compose a gracious comment, but the yelling of my daughters keeps throwing me off. Oh well -- I know that I was once clever and educated because I keep getting the bills for my student debt.

At 3/07/2006 1:20 PM, Blogger Jay Anderson said...

A certain Professional Catholic® says "Sin makes you stupid."

I've come to learn that "Kids make you stupid, too."

At 3/07/2006 2:39 PM, Blogger MrsDarwin said...

So true, so true...


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