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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Cynthia B.: Amateur Catholic

For fear of forgetting to put the URL in the letter, I put it in the subject. But here it is again - My name is Cynthia and I would like to be an amateur blogger. I'm a seriously amateur Catholic. Technically, I'm not even a Catholic. I won't be for about a month an a half. I'm an Elect (as of Sunday) in the Diocese of Dallas, though. I've been blogging since I first decided to go to church again after a LONG break from God. I was raised Mormon (hence the blog title of Mormon2Catholic), but was hit by a spiritual lightning bolt of sorts recently and am trying to convert as quickly and as sincerely as I can. My blog is about my journey into the church as well as some reflections on Mormonism and my past experiences as a Mormon.

Please let me have a cool box thingy for my blog and to be a member of your super-hip club without being witty. I have a terrible headache right now. As my darling husband calls it, I made a "Rookie Mistake" with my first Lent. I thought, I know what would be a good sacrifice! I'll give up all drinks but water and juice. No beer, no wine, no chocolate milk, no coffee, no tea, no Cokes, etc. I told this to my husband, and he said to me, "So ... what are you going to do about caffeine?" Oops. So here I sit, feeling like there is a gaggle of mini-men (not quite like Smurfs, more like Oompa Loompas at 1/16th scale or so) taking little icepics and carving my head into a sculpture of some horse-type creature with maybe some wings or some "artsy" flourish that would make lots of people in black turtlenecks and stupid looking glasses go "Wow, that's one artsy horse looking sculpture. Seriously." So my ability to be witty is pretty much ... well, it's not there, really. Thanks for your understanding.
Cynthia, I'm so excited that you're gonna be all the way across the Tiber so soon! There's no better way to get your toes wet than by fessing up to being an Amateur Catholic! Welcome!


At 3/08/2006 5:17 AM, Blogger ~m2~ said...

no wine?

why not next Lent, you simply self-flagellate and for good fun, sleep on a bed of nails for 40 days?

::m2 shudders at the thought::

(welcome :)

At 3/08/2006 6:30 AM, Blogger Rick Lugari said...

hmmm. I've always been told that girls don't flagellate...



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