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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Jan K: Amateur Catholic

I'm a member of the B-Team because I don't have a "ministry," nor would I
know what to do with one. How many times have you heard that this week?
See, I told you so.

I'd be a EEM, but they don't need me (clearly-it's crowded) and the Holy See
says nix it anyway. I don't argue with the Holy See. They're the real
A+Team. I'd teach CCD but they don't need anybody apparently. I'd have to
use some other book anyway--their's isn't so good. I'd be in a rosary group
or something but it's always when I work. What can I say? I'm an SFO, but
I'm not even very good at that.

So here I am, blogging when I think of it, and praying when I can. Trying
to behave and not doing a great job. See: B-Team. But there's one great
thing about all this. What good stuff there is ain't mine. It's God's.
And I can deal with that.

So, if you don't mind, can I be one of you? Thanks and God bless.

Jan K, who is michigancatholic
I'm really sorry about that EME thing not working out, I thought the general consensus was that you can never have enough EMEs. ;)

Anyway, there's no doubt that you have always been one of us - we're all just coming into the light now. Sort of like when Constantine made it safe to be Christian. The Christians were still aliens in a foreign land awaiting their Heavenly kingdom, but at least they could let that be known (yeah, I purposely used that analogy because of that great quote in your sidebar). From one Michigan B-Teamer to another, welcome into the light. ;)


At 3/08/2006 9:47 AM, Anonymous "omis" said...

Ah! St. Blog has interceded for me!

I was struggling to figure how to get that button to appear on my blog (other than just the image)!

You've answered my prayers.



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