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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Ronald Moffat: Amateur Catholic

I would certainly qualify as an amateur blogger; my posting is at times even non-existent and certainly doesn't conform to any schedule that any professional editor or publisher would even think of paying for. And, no I have not been paid for my past efforts, although there have been a few who expressed a willingness to pay me to stop. I have regretfully declined all such offers to go-pro. To further cement my amateur status, I can truthfully state that I've never been asked to appear as a speaker or to offer my expert opinion on any subject, paid or otherwise, nor have I ever been consulted by the President on the weighty issues of the day.

Not that I wouldn't like to join the pro ranks. I mean, who among us amateurs does not dream of doing that someday? Just think the fame, the money, the fancy cars, the big house, the babes… Oh, wait! That's Hugh Hefner.

On second thought, I'm happy just to be a part-time post-er and would be pleased to join the illustrious group already signed up for the B-Team.

Pax et bonum

Ron Moffat
Ok, Hugh Ron, you tell a convincing amateur's tale! Welcome aboard!


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